updates from the never

Summer is over; it's officially back to work at University.  The summer was nice, but as always, too short.  I am rather exhausted already, so this semester should be interesting - lots going on.  On a really upbeat note, yesterday was my birthday and I finished this print:

The Rigor of Harmony  |  2016  |  10x16.5 inches

Digital Pigment Print, Woodblock Relief, Screenprint

I'm pleased with the results; the registration was a real bugger once I got to the final relief layer, but I managed some on-the-fly tweaks.  It worked out, but never a breeze when things go south. I should be able post some in-process images soon.  But for now, I'll leave you with this:

Oho! Oho! Raise yourself, O King;
Receive your Head, collect your Bones,
Gather your Limbs together,
Throw off the Earth from your Flesh.
— pg 44 [unknown text]