Artist Statement

At the core of my thinking, I wonder about reality.  What does it mean to be here; coagulated mater, with the ability to question our very existence?  How is the objective reality we experience created and maintained?  To what amount and degree must we consider the inherent subjectivity of reality?

Symbolic themes of mysticism and philosophy develop within this work and I see an interesting relationship between 'super-reality' characters from comic books and the figures from religious tales.  By deconstructing the original narrative context of appropriated images and segments of text, the authority afforded to them is dissolved.  This allows for a personal re-investigation into what we perceived to be 'truth'; illuminating how rhetoric constructs ideals within our mind.

I strive to create disorienting visuals with esoteric content.  These surreal images display the subconscious mind and ask the metaphysical question: 'what is real?'

A Hyphenated Existence , collage, 2010

A Hyphenated Existence, collage, 2010